Sunday, July 16, 2006

Wedding recap **negative post**

So, here is the low down on the wedding yesterday.

Firstly, loved the dress I bought, made me feel thin. That is good when it is 30F+ and there are little chippies all over in tiny little sundresses.

Got to the church 5 mins before the wedding--in order to avoid sitting with MIl and grandmother. Turns out, we lucked out...or so we thought. Had a flashback to my wedding....for those that haven't heard the story--or haven't been MIl walked in right in as I was walking down the aisle. Well, guess what she did yesterday!

Yep...Picture this, the bride is waiting to go down the aisle, DH's mom and grandmother come in the church (insert big flash of sun here), and stay standing RIGHT BEHIND THE BRIDE. Now, everyone can see them. Go off to the side you might think? Of course not, that would only make TOO much sense. Remember these ladies have no sense of other people.

So, after the bride starts down the aisle, so do they....and they someone turns them around and tells them to go over to the side...and guess where they headed...yep...2 rows ahead of us. Great.
All through the ceremony, the two of them keep turning around trying to get out attention, to which we ignore them at all costs. After the ceremony, DH's grandmother--93 has never moved so fast...she walks to our aisle and blocks us in the pew. I mean, I CANNOT get out. Finally, after I am stuck listening to them ramble about how hot is it FOR everyone else in the un-air conditioned church is not hot.

We go outside, talk to a few relatives who invite us over between the church and reception...we can't go...they say, oh you guys always have an excuse.

We take off. Whew.

Get to the reception and guess who pulls up fight after guessed right...MIL and Baba. We get in line to get in. Baba right behind us. I say nothing. Sorry, but I can't stand the woman. Manipulator. Eventually the MIL shows up. I avoid eye contact at all costs. It works. DH and her talk for a minute, I keep moving on....find out that his other cousins wife (who used to work for me but I fired...long story) was kind enough to tell the family not to sit them with us at dinner. WHEW.

Long story, slightly shorter...that was the last time we had to talk to them. We took off early, since DH had to go into work for a few hours last night.

Thing is, we didn't say goodbye to anyone but the groom and those at our table.


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