Wednesday, August 02, 2006

13 days

Till we move. Seriously, I thought I would be much more prepared by now.

What to pack? What to keep unpacked?

For example, do I pack upmy scrap stuff for the next two weeks? or not? Can't imagine doing NO scrapping for two, I won't.

Finally, Ian has packed a few boxes today. Don't think he gets the whole pack evverything thing.....he thinks we can just shove a bunch of clothes in the car and head over. Right....that will take forever.

Getting a little sad too....didn't think I would. I mean, I don't like this house. It is old, and needs a lot of work still. I mean not work to make it look better, work to make it liveable. Noah's room was always cool in the winter, think the wall needs to be re-insulated. That kind of stuff.

Gonna miss the memories in this old place though. The first steps, the first feedings, the rooms I painted for the boys, the basement. I will REALLY miss the basement. My pride and joy in this place. Gonna miss all that.

Thank goodness I scrapbook, 'cause I plan on taking a ton of pics before we lock it up for the last time. Lots of journalling opportunities there.

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