Sunday, October 29, 2006


How are ya! Long time no bloggie!

Life is dull...same old same old. Had a busy week and weekend. Took the kids to Boo at the Zoo on Friday night...took Noah to some shopping done on Saturday--oh, and I scraped! Today, we just hung out at home...I carved pumpkins and made dinner. Nothing special. Was nice to do nothing!

Back to scrapping....totally excited with the November kit from LIITD. So excited, in fact, that I have NOTHING left! Guess that is a good thing though...huh!

Halloween in a couple days...can't wait. Should be so cute to see Lucas' first trick or treating...I swear the kids learned to say trick or treat on Saturday when we were "teaching" Noah to yell it for the houses...really, I swear he said it. No joke.

Well, that is it from my boring spot in the world...

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