Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Alright, so now I am getting grief for not updating the blog. So here goes.

Been busy. Got the April kit for Love Is In The Details last week....DONE! That was a quick one. Was good to get it when I had some time this weekend, was like perfect timing!

Going cropping this weekend, really look forward to these nights out. This week, my parent's are taking the boys for a sleepover, since Ian is working and I MUST go cropping. LOL Good times. Of course I will pack far too much stuff--what the hell. I need it all there to get the mojo flowing. I figure if I leave something at home, that will be the one thing I want to use. So, bring it all I will.

Let's see, what else.

Work still sucks. On a plus side..trying to be positive...work gave out some tickets to Grease for tomorrow night, so I will be going with my mom and Kim. Should be good...other than hanging out with the work bunch, and my "friend".

As for my "friend", I use the term loosely...as those that know me, have already heard most or what is going on there...let's just say she is one of those people--keep your friends close and your enemies closer type of people. Well, since the most recent drama at work revolves around her--what a shocker--she is calling me off the hook. Even stopped by the restaurant I was auditing today. That is a first. Can totally tell when she wants something. Usually just to bitch and moan.

Anyways, I should know where things are heading with work in a week or so. Basically, they are trying to decide on how to improve the company...have a couple options--which include me--some good, some NOT. If they go with the NOT, we may end up selling our house and moving again....and the plan would be for me to stay at home or at least just work PT, so save on daycare.

Anyways, there JULIE is my boring blog post....now, maybe if I knew people, other than V and Joce, were actually reading this blog--as they at least leave comments.... *snicker*

C'mon people..I know my life and blog is boring, but let me know if you are still out there.. Hopefully blogging will improve with the spring weather!

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