Thursday, March 15, 2007


Yes, it is me...third day in a row. shocker really.

TGIF...tomorrow is the day! I cannot wait. Seriously, the best thing about working at my crappy job, is the wait for the weekend. Too bad it flies by so fast.

This weekend will be another quick one. Tomorrow is some MC Cropping...gonna be a quiet one...looks like it's just me and V...Saturday, the boys have their last swimming lessons, and then we head out for my Dad's b-day dinner. Olive Garden...DROOL. Can't wait.Sunday will be nap time and RELAXATION!

Went to Grease at the theatre last night...courtesy a la 'Hut. One perk of the job. Was pretty good. The girl that played Sandy was brutal..but Danny was a hottie. Yummy.

Going to Elkorn Resort for work on Tuesday overnight. Won't be back until about 9ish on Wednesday. Me thinks that taking a few hours off on Thursday AM is in order.

So, remember how I was telling you about my work "friend" a few days ago?

Yeah--well, now I feel like crap. She calls me today, sounding like crap. I ask her if she is ok--'cause I do have a heart after all the drama--and then she goes on to tell me about how she is sure her DH is cheating on her...and found out that he was fooling around last weekend with their neighbour, right in front of her at a party...and on and now, I feel bad. Maybe she was going through all this for quite a while now...but is it also her "poor me" trap that she always seems to put herself in? Who knows. She is a major manipulator that one. Gonna have to see what happens.

Anyways....thanks ladies for leaving some feedback for me...and here I thought everyone was just stalking me....well, there ARE still blog stalkers out there. Geesh.

BTW...I am still waiting for my Basic Grey freebies for being in the BG February thinks I will send an email to see where they are!!! I want to play with that new stuff!!!


Sunday is
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