Monday, September 03, 2007

been scrapping.

been working on my kit from Love Is In The Details for September. Kit was late because the wholesaler dropped the ball..seriously, I should become a wholesaler...would give better customer service. It is quite ridiculous!!

Anyways, been busy creating some goodness with the kit...can't share yet...but very soon!

Loved this week's Pencil Lines sketch here is my version.

Loving doing the sketches, it gives me a nice mental break from trying to come up with something different. DH tells me I need to stop making pages that all look the same. He tells me that they are all too similar...what does he know!!!

Anyways, had a busy long weekend. Some serious scrapping time was had ... got lots done!

Can't wait to MC on Friday -- I miss it and the chickas when I can't go every 2 weeks!

Noah's birthday is next week....finally dragged my butt out long enough to get him some gifts. We have decided to cut back and not go too crazy these days, with the whold job situation and all. Understandable. Gonna have to watch the scrap-expenses... not go too overboard, and ask for lots for my birthday and Christmas... can you believe it is RIGHT around the corner!!

Happy Labour Day!

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