Monday, December 08, 2008


I need a new pair of frames for my old ones are at least 12 years old... since I am so was tough for me to find some that I like. I love the chunky frame look, but they look brutal on me...

Here are a couple I found that I like..note the bling action :)

So, they are pretty expensive...and just for the frames...Ian tells me to get them, but really, they are a lot for the frames, not to mention the cost of the lenses...however, the last time I bought glasses was over 10 years it is not like I am giong to have to replace anytime soon. Even my prescription hasn't changed that much, she gave it to me since my glasses are so out dated.

Anyways, off I search for new specs! Think I might order the frames online and get the lenses made here...? anyone order glasses on the internet before?
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