Monday, December 01, 2008

Let's begin Dec.

With a few of the Halloween pics that I have promised:

Our Pumpkins:

A happy Darth Vador:

A disgruntled Yoda:

All ready for a nice walk for chocolate!

See, I must explain Lucas' disgruntledness (is that even a word, probably not)... anyways, he wanted a green face like Yoda right.. Cool. I bought the paint, but once I started to put it on his face, he thought he would be green forever. Too cute. Of course, the tears came...I explained that we would wash it off after trick or treating and continued to paint his face. Then, there were tear marks. My sister came by with her kiddos for pics, and Lucas saw his cousin with a green face and then decided it was cool to paint his face green too. In the end, it looked pretty bad, since he cried and all...but he had the best costume ! It was perfect for him, and everyone thought he was the sweetest. Well, he is ;)

May the force be with you
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