Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Baby room

I realized that I have not taken a full shot of the room yet...and probably won't as I am still thinking about pictures, etc to put on the bare walls. I love the colour of it though...a nice buttery yellow.

Yellow is a tough colour...you either love it or hate it...it is either too light, too orange or too white. I think this is a great colour of yellow. I wanted one with a little trace of orange in it to go with the rag quilt I bought in the summer.

Anyways, here is the quilt and the paint:

...and of course, I had a few little helpers.. ;)

So, I have this idea for decorating the walls with either framed scrapbook pages with animals on them...or painting 3 canvases (one green, one orange, and one aqua) and then adding something to them...love the canvas idea, just not sure what to put on them yet.

I have the idea of elephants, giraffes and monkeys in my head. Need some cute clip art so I can cut out fabric shapes of them...anyways, I think it would be cute...and not too gender specific. I mean, if I knew it was a boy, I would do cars and trucks on the canvases in different fabric swatches...and if it were a girl, I would do flowers, and butterflies or something like that. Hmm...maybe I should do both and then only attach the correct ones! :)

More tomorrow.
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