Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So, eveyone in the scrapping world is all a fluster with CHA this week..I so badly want to go one day.. *sigh*.. maybe it will happen next year. Just isn't in the finances for me right now.

I found this photo at Scrapbookupdate from this years CHA - Jillibean booth of my page and one of the cards I made (the banner one)!
(photo is kinda dark... sorry)
It's hard to tell in this photo what the true cool yellow colour that the page is.. I will post it later from home.. ;)
What's catching your eye this CHA...there is lots of cool stuff out there!
I can't wait to get the new wood flags from Jillibean... they look so cool.. and those epoxy buttons.. love the shine to them!!


Julie said...

How exciting to have your work displayed at CHA!

Deena said...

saw this pic in a couple of places this morning...would recognize that cutie girl anywhere...congrats

Jocie said...

That is super cool Nicole!!!

Kate vickers said...

There is a really great pic of your LO on the jillibean soup blog today. Congrats on having your work at CHA! That's very cool. :)

Sherri said...

what a gorgeous looking board. how fun it must be to have your projects up at CHA.