Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April at LCOM

So, this month, I though I would take a different angle at my assignments. I browsed through the LCOM store and there was SO much I wanted to get - and sadly, I couldn't!!! But, there were ways for me to get some of the things I really wanted and not break my budget either!

The main thing I got was a couple paper pads - nope, not 12x12 - 6x6. Really, the main difference is that the patterns are smaller in size - but really - I don't think it makes a difference!

Here is a page I created using just a 6x6 paper pad + 1 other 12x12 sheet for a base for the layout:

You can tell that the patterns are smaller -but I think it fits! Check out closer up and see.
 The patterns on the papers work just as good smaller as larger!! If you didn't know... I bet you wouldn't even know it was made with a smaller sized paper!

 and i just have to say that these are my new favorite letters from American Crafts:
*** and they come in a bunch of different colours too ***

I chose a couple lines by My Mind's Eye from the store to work with - but there are 6x6 paper pads by all these manufacturers in the store right now:

other supplies:

I have another project to share with you this week using the smaller size- come back and check it out! :)
Of course, make sure you check out what is NEW at LCOM this month!
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