Saturday, June 30, 2012

Quick tips for mixing patterns

Sometimes it is tough to know when and how to mix patterns of paper.

For Lets' Capture Our Memories this month, I offered up a few quick tips:

Here are a few quick guidelines that works well for me!

1) Try to stick to  a small/medium/large approach. Use 1 pattern in each scale size. For example - use a smaller floral, with a medium stripe and a large polka dot... or vice versa

2) Mixing colours to add contrast in the pattern - don't use 3 red stripes - use 1 stripe, 1 dot, 1 check in different colours ... you get the idea

3) Let the products work for you! Use what is made for it! Check out what the manufacturer sells - it is likely that they have already mixed the patterns in the pack - that makes it so easy to mix and match and make it work for you.

4) If you want to use a ton of different patterns - stick to a neutral background

On this page - I used all these guidelines to mix my papers and I happen to love the result:

using step #2 - mixed different patterns with different colours
 using step #3 - use what the product has! These die cuts are already to be used - just mix them up
 mixing similar patterns - but using different colors:
 And here is the final result - all in all - I think I used 14 patterns on this page ( if I counted correctly )
Supplies used:
Lily Bee Design - Bag of bits
Lily Bee Design mini alphas
I hope you picked up a few ideas and find it a bit easier when making your pages. We would love for you to share your pages in our gallery or forum :)

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