Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Crop & Create Ottawa quick recap

If you haven't already heard me talk about Crop & Create - let me tell you more!

Last week, I had the chance to head off to Ottawa, ON Canada for another Crop & Create event that is put
on across Canada by Scrapbook & Cards Today Magazine.

The Crop & Create event is two days. There are classes put on my super talented instructors, this event had Vicki Boutin, Kelly Goree and Kelly Purkey. I was lucky enough to be assisting Vicki and Kelly P. in their classes - they sure keep you busy!!! The great thing about these events, is that you have time to take these great classes, eat, shop and chat with these "famous" people and find out that they are just scrappers like us. The ladies who run the event - Catherine and Jen - keep it all together and make sure we are having fun and getting lots accomplished! Plus, they throw out prizes like it is nobody's business... and good stuff - no old or cheapy stuff here - great quality products from popular manufacturers that we all crave to get stuff from!

I was lucky enough to meet a few friends that I have only chatted with online.

Here I am with Kate Vickers at the end of the night on Saturday after many hours of classes and cropping:

and more than a few of my time with Stephanie Hart and Kristine Davidson:

 The photo booth is definitely a fun spot at the crop :)

I had such a hoot with Stephanie and Kristine! :) They are a couple of great people !
Too bad they live so far away!!!

In a few weeks, I will be going to another event in Saskatoon, SK in Canada - about 9 hours drive from where I live with my buddies Sherri Funk and Deborah Marasa -
it is going to be so much fun and worth the trip!

Can't wait to see Kristine and Stephanie again and spend more time with Catherine, Jen, and the Kellys :)

Now, just because these events are in Canada does not mean that it is just for us Canucks....
everyone is welcome... c'mon... take a little road trip if you can!!!
It is totally worth it!!  There are a few spots left for the Saskatoon dates if you are interested.

Check out the Scrapbook and Cards Today website HERE for more details.

I'll be back soon with some projects for Pebbles and Lilybee too :)
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