Thursday, April 24, 2014

Q and A answered and a winner

Just over a week ago I posted this Q and A post and had a couple people ask some questions! Most are all Silhouette related... so here let's get started.

Beatrice Lawson said...

Hopefully you do have an answer for me, I have been looking at various options and I am still stumped. I have a new Cameo and would love an online class or two for beginner users. When I read complex instructions about paths and stuff I have no clue what it all means. Can you recommend a class or tutorial that starts at the beginning? That would be great! Thanks Nic!

Truthfully there are lots of great YouTube videos that you can watch for free. The videos by Silhouette America are the best - since they make the machine and know it best.

Kerri Bradford Studio also has some great classes available- I haven't taken one but have heard great things.

  {VICKI} said...

I don't really have a question I just want to say that I enjoy your blog. Just keep it up!

Thanks Vicki!

trixiecat said...

I just want to thank you for your freebies and making so simple to download. Your freebies go right into the Silhouette software. 

thanks Trixiecat!

Sandy asked... 

Just found your blog and I love it! I am new to using paper with my Cameo and want to know what advice you would have for a newcomer? What tools do I need, besides my Cameo, to make some beautiful cards and scrapbook layouts? I am also wondering how to create a word in Cameo and then have it cut out all in one piece. Thanks very much for any help you can give me.

Hi Sandy- you can create some awesome things with just a mat and blade and a little know how ! As for joining words together -  check out the Welding option in the Silhouette software - watch this YouTube video and you will see just how easy it is. If you need help just email me :)

As for other products to use with your Silhouette - I recommend the sketch pens and self-adhesive cardstock! I will have more on those two items on the blog very soon - stay tuned ;)

Lori asked...

 Hi Nicole, I have a question about the Cameo also. Love using mine...but wondering which is the line you line the left side of your sheet plastic sheet with...the short little line or the first long line. I'm screwing up my cuts somehow. My blade seems to need a recalibration if possible. If I don't manually move the blade down and starts the cut too early. so either something is wrong with my blade and where it starts, or my plastic is not being loaded into the right spot??? so confused! thanks for any insight you might have. 

Hey Lori! The line you are referring to is the shorter line on the left inside of the machine. Line the far left edge of your mat up to the right edge of that line. Your mat must be under the white rollers in order for the machine to pick it up and roll it through - you can slide the white rollers in place. Sometimes you can have a feeding issue if the rollers are dirty - so use a baby wipe to clean them off just in case.  Let me know if that helps and works for you!

I also promised to send a RAK to one of the commenters and that person is {Vicki} Congrats!!! 

Please email me your mailing info to and I will send you out a little something :)

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Lori said...

thanks for your info! I realized later after asking that question...that there are 2 options when loading: load cutting mat and load media. I guess somehow it got put to load media and not changed (since so far I only cut paper). so now I realize I need to have it on load cutting mat...and line it up with the short line...and now my cuts work! thank you