Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Make Merry with Janome

Good morning, happy holidays and welcome to my blog! Today, I am taking part in a special event - Make Merry with Janome! Multiple stitching type artisans have come together for the next several days to share some holiday themed projects, made with our Janome machines!

I used both my Janome Edge Digital Die Cutting machine and Janome G1218 sewing machine to create this fun and easy Advent Calendar!

I am always looking for a quick and easy way to incorporate something fun to the holidays around our home. I thought some rip-open style packages would be fun for my kids to open each day. Each little shape has some treats inside that they can share.

Quite simply, I diecut a lot of shapes from my digital cut file store JustNick on my Janome Edge digital die cutting machine. Two designs for each package I was going to create! You need to make sure that each image has a reverse image cut, so that when you line them up together, they match! I used a star, ornament, square, gingerbread man and even a fun Christmas tree for my shapes.

Once the shapes were cut and placed back to back to each other, I simply started sewing them together on my Janome G1218, leaving a space at the end so I could quickly stuff them with treats. Once I added the treats, I finished off stitching my shapes together.

Next, I lined all the shapes in a row and ensured there was a good mixture of shapes for the days and added numbers using more diecut circles, snowflakes and some ribbon. My good old alphabet sticker stash made this quick work.

I added all the completed shapes into a bowl on our dining room table and now, the kids just need to find the right day and rip them open to get their treats!

This is a great last minute way to pull together a quick advent calendar if you are running short of time!

Here is a sneak peek of tomorrow's Making Merry project that you can find on the Janome Life blog!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you enjoyed this project!

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