Monday, December 26, 2005

The day after...

Well, it is all over! The festivities are complete...the gifts are unwrapped, the drinks have been had and the food consumed. A good time had by all!

Noah had a great a lot of presents and hasn't wanted to take off his new Mr. Incredible P.J.'s ever since! Too many toys though, I think we will have to hide some away...he doesn't even know where to start!

Ian has been playing his new PSP game since he opened it and got it home....nothing fun for me to play with...just got some jammies, a sweater, earrings and some suede photo boxes...(?)...

The inlaw Christmas went OK, I suppose....only a few minor incidents---not...Well, let's see...first she (MIL) was holding Lucas..he was sitting up with her behind him, holding him up--he can't quite sit up yet, almost...anyways, she starts talking about herself and he falls face forward onto the wood coffee table...a complete face plant! Then she says, 'oh, he's OK...he just hurt himself'..yeah, like a 5 month old can hut himself...anyways, whatever! Then she continues talking and asks me if I am going back to work...I tell her I have to, we have bills to pay. She says that I am going to miss everything...thanks for trying to make me feel guilty....great holiday spirit...then she asks me if I still talk to anyone from work, and I say yes...she says, 'well, it will be good when you go back to work so that you can socialize'.

LIKE I FLIPPIN' WORK TO SOCIALIZE!!! Basically, I sucked it in, looked at the clock and gave Iam the 'look' and we left shortly after...I hate her!

Other than that, we had a good day! Hope everyone else did too! Will post some xmas pics on tomorrow's version of the Days of my Life ! LOL!
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