Saturday, December 31, 2005

It's almost time...

NY eve is here and we are ready. If the night is crap, then at least all the laundry is done, the house is clean and the sidewalk shovelled!

I am tired, so hopefully I make it to midnight....I am sure Noah will, he slept in late and had a little naparoo today, just in case!

Stayed up too late last night working on my Dad's retirement video, but it is almost done...just need a couple more hours to work on little details like fonts and colour changes, etc...and it will be done! I hope he likes it...he liked the one I did for my Mom and the one I made of Lucas' birth.

I want to do one for Noah now, but that requires developing pictures and either getting them on a photo CD...if I can, or then scanning them so that I can use them. Since I scrapped them all, this is the route I will have to take...we will have to see about that one! A l0t of work, I will get to it, just don't know when!

So, I am off to have a get in the spirit...Have a Happy New Year!
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