Monday, January 02, 2006

Manic Monday

So, I had a big day planned...Take down the xmas tree, pick up a scale, drop off pics, and start to clean up the office/scrap area. Boy was I wrong. I got the scale...after 2 trips to Superstore to remember, and dropped off the pics. I was easily distracted after I picked up some new scrapbook supplies from ...Got the kit and a bunch of other things, I needed to have--NOT!

Anyways, I put them all away, all excited to scrap...but Ian is working nights this week, and the kids were not co-operating. Then my friend Kathy from work called just as I was going to put Noah to bed, and even though I told her what I was doing she kept talking...think positive Nick...think positive! She needed to vent..missing me at work and doing my job and hers, so I can't blame her at all!

So, needless to say, the tree is still up, and I have a PILE of stuff to scrap...I am still trying to finish off my BG lunch pail/address book, catch up on Lucas' stack of pictures that just seem to be growing, as well as work on my Book of Me....Hey, did I mention that I am being published in Correspondance Art Magazine in April/May/June 2006? Here is the LO they chose:

I gotta say, I am really liking the BOM stuff...I feel creative when working on the pages...I have never scrapped myself before! I think this will be a great gift to leave my kids when I am gone.

Anyways, happy Monday, what is left of it. Will blog soon....
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