Friday, January 06, 2006

Scrappy days!

I was feeling quite scrappy a couple layouts completed and finally took some pics of them...Loving the one of Lucas at 8 weeks old...simple, but I love it...
Did another one too, just not quite finished yet, so maybe later on I will have a chance to finish it off. I am gettin caught up...into Oct. now (I think). Makes me feel great when I get a bunch accomplished and getting caught up, well slowly. I also worked on a Altered Journal for a frined of mine.
Did a few things around the house too...LOL! Tomorrow, I should be busy...have to run a few errands for my Dad's Mom has decided to get a photo developed and can't do it with my Dad lingering around. So, I am off to do that as well as get the beer/wine and some snacks for the retirement party. Then I have to head over to Kim's to 'help' make a sign --- last time it was me making the sign and her standing there...she is not so creative.

That's my day...not too much to effer dare comes out tomorrow...really wanna catch up on those too...hmm... Maybe I should go scrapping on Sunday with some of the ladies...
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