Sunday, March 05, 2006

Weekend is over...

Another week over, and a new one begins...can you believe that it is the middle of March at the end of this week? My how time has flown by....

Didn't do much this week....some scrapping of the old Christmas pics, I have been wanting to get done for a while now...Had to do some 2 page layouts, that I have kinda gotten away from, so this was a challenge for me. BUT, getting caught up on my scrapping...which is great. Wanna get basically caught up before I head back to work at the end of June.

As for work, my peer called me again, asking me if I am coming back to work early---NO! Besides, I can't get the boys into the daycare until I go back anyway.

Well, hang in there, all you in the country that got a boatload of snow this weekend.

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