Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Baby food/Guest!

So, I do have something to blog about, as it turns out.

First of all, I forgot to mention earlier that I am the guest designer for Love Is In The Details this month! If you haven't seen the awesome kit and what the Design team came up with--what a creative bunch--check out the link. Awesome, funky and fresh kit! I am glad that Lori gave me this opportunity and trusts in my 'creativity' enough to be a guest designer on such a great site!

And secondly, I bring you to a more serious topic--Baby Food. Seriously, what are baby food companies thinking when they make this stuff....I know.

Imagine this:

20 men and women all crowded into a conference room, huddled around a large boardroom table...there are flipcharts scattered all around the room, people are smoking from stress, there is food flying and people are shouting out ideas....when all of a sudden, someone asks a question--"How can we make baby food the most disgusting thing ever?"

When was the last time you smelled--forget tasted--what is in a baby food jar! And, I don't mean, the fruit, 'cause that always smells okay... I am talking meat and vegetables people....It is the most disgusting thing EVER. I mean, I feel sorry for the kid that has to eat it. Thank goodness, Lucas is getting used to munching on things and will be able to eat 'real food' very soon....It makes me gag, everytime I have to feed him that crap...I tell ya, it is much worse than the smell of what comes out.

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