Wednesday, June 07, 2006


So, I finished staining the fence....thank goodness. Pain in the you know what, I tell ya. Spent far too much time working on that project. Plus, having to do it while DH is home with the kids, was tough. Weird shifts and all.

Onto scrapping news. Working on my new circle journal. Topic is Your Favorite Colour. Love it. Love the scraps of KI I got to use....very cheery and colourful, if I do say so myself. Nothing mind shattering, but I think it is cool...and that is what matters right? It is my CJ afterall. Will take pics tomorrow. Still need to do my entry, but have everything else done.

Hmm...what else...going to the fabric store tomorrow to see about some fabric for our bedroom. Want to make a new cover for our bed, as well as some curtains. Need some inspiration there. Want a neutral colour, but not sure what else to pair it with. Lovin' blue lately. A really muted tone, but blue nonetheless.
Will have to see what is there.

1.5 weeks left on the 'ol mat leave. Sucks big time. Kiddies start daycare on Monday. Sucks.

No news on a house....still 'thinking' about it.

That is it for my boring piece of life today. Tell me something interesting why don't ya!

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