Monday, June 05, 2006


It has been a while since I blogged....thank goodness someone gave me a nudge to update! *grin*

So, what's new! Hmm...not a lot. 2 weeks to go until I go back to work. That is the only thing on my mind right now. Wanna cram so many things into the next 2 weeks it is crazy:

*take DS to see Cars--he is totally stoked for that
*paint our bedroom
*make curtains for our bedroom
*make a duvet cover for our bed
*finish my second CJ cover and sign in--so totally have the ideas in my head and I although I have started, I REALLY wanna finish it
*go to the drive-in
*finish staining the fence
*stain the deck
*plant some flowers in pots
*clean out the closets and under our stairs

Well, that is quite the list I have there! I will see what I can do about getting it done...I am sure I will be quite easily sidetracked by hanging out on LIITD or at my scrap table...! LOL.

Had a good weekend last weekend. Formed a new gang. MC..That is the gang. The Marshmallow Crew. Went to Cathy's shop for a crop with Deb, Vanessa and Eva....good times. A lot of sugar, and s'mores....good scrapping...not enough dare doing that is for sure.

Speaking of dares---anyone want one? The only person I know who has not been a chicken to do one that I have issued is Jacquie...and that was quite some time ago...LOL

Well, off I go to watch some Everwood and then the Apprentice. Missed the earlier my niece's dance recital. Cute.

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