Friday, November 21, 2008

there should be a law.

Don'tcha think that every friday should be a national chocolate holiday. I mean, seriously, everyone should eat something chocolate on a friday before lunch time. Helps the day go by, kwim?

Well, it is for me. Off to a rough start today, lost my security passes and parking pass this morning on the way to work...lost my glasses wednesday at work...but found them today. I guess that all evened out.

Haven't decided what to do with the diaper bag situation...thanks for your votes...I like #1 & #5 myself. May have to just add it to the tiny bday/xmas list I have been forced to create for my family.

What is with that anyway? Am I the only one who gets annoyed with the whole "make a list" thing? I mean, I think that if people are gonna buy you something...they should spend some time thinking about what you would really like or appreciate the most? I did not ask anyone this year for any suggestions--- so hope they like what they are getting. I like to believe that I know them all well enough that they will appreciate the gifts we have for them.

On a good note, almost -- 95% done Xmas shopping. Just a few teacher gifts, and stocking things to get. I think I might even crack out a few tomorrow morning, before the stores heat up. Plus, the kids are sick of going shopping with me already. It has been hard with DH working Saturdays at his other job. All the errands and cleaning is left for me on the weekends, even if I try throughout the week to stay on top of it.

Sorry, still a major slacker in the ol' photo department...they are all STILL on my camera...but I have a few pages to post as well as baby room pics to share.

Stay tuned for that, maybe the urge will hit me this weekend. First one in a long time that we have NOTHING planned!!! Looking forward to it!
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