Thursday, March 08, 2012

I need your help...

... do you have an iPhone... well, I have wanted one for a while now.. and my dear dear husband gives it the kybosh everytime I bring it up.

I am one of very few people that I know that doesn't have a cell phone at all. I know. It is a luxury, and I don't really need one... but I do think it will help me manage my time, the kids activities, keep in contact, emergency situation + hello - it will be fun!

I listen to an ipod all day at work - every day - so, I know I will make use of the ipod like features of the iPhone. My iTouch is great, but I can't access alot of the great apps I want :( It does suit my needs right now though.

I need some ways to convince my DH that I really do NEED the iPhone.. help me out folks... what can I say!!
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