Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Pink Princess Party

Well, this weekend marked my youngest's third birthday...and we had to have a party fit for a pink princess!
 some pink fingers and toes
I didn't go too crazy, it was just our family - but I did make a few things, with the help of pinterest ;)

The idea was to have roses all over the cake - but I ran out of icing...oops...
 inside - the cake was 1 layer of white, and 3 of pink cake.. this was a hit with the kids.. and was requested by all in different colours for their birthdays :)

a few pink and white puffs for decoration:
 and thanks to my stash of stickles.. a pimped out dollar store tiara:

 oh, and a few of these for the grown ups ;) gotta jump on the Jets band wagon eventually...lol
 We had one sleepy princess that night!! but, she did let me take a few photos before everyone arrived... I have lots of cute ones to scrap now  :)

.... off to think of the next party idea for my soon to be 7 yr old!!

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