Sunday, October 26, 2014

Silhouette + pie charts

Sometimes you just want to pull a scrapbook page together very quickly. When I want to do this, I grab my leftover project pieces and get to work. I have found that one of my favorite ways to do this is combining Adhesive Backed Cardstock and my scrap pile of papers!

I used some of my leftovers from the October Cocoa Daisy kit - Blue Ridge to make this page!

I quickly downloaded the Rotating Pie Chart design from the store a few months ago when it was a free shape! I thought it would be great for a project like this one - a lot of little bits of paper!
I simply cut the designs from some white Adhesive Backed Cardstock and then added the pie pieces to the back of the design, letting my Silhouette cardstock do the work for me!


You can see that I did remove the circle from the middle of the Rotating Piechart as I didn't want it in my final design! I was able to add in tons of little papers behind each "pie" piece easily because of the cardstock.

You can easily leave some of the spots empty to let your background images show through!

Designs used:

Adhesive backed cardstock

Have a great day!

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