Thursday, October 29, 2015

Big Picture Classes - Stitch It!

Have you had a chance to stop by Big Picture Classes yet and check out my Stitch It class?

Over the course of 5 videos, I share some different and EASY techniques to add some stitching detail to your projects!

We have a group set up too to chat about the class or seriously, anything at all... I would love it if you would join the small group we have started and please check out the class too!

If you are taking/have taken the class, I would love to have your feedback ! I know nothing is perfect, so I am open to hearing your thoughts!

I am trying to think of topics for another class, so if you have any ideas or what you might like to take from me.... please let me know in the comments below :)

I hope to see you over at Big Picture Classes in my Stitch It class! You can sign up for a one month trial to check it out for FREE

 Oh and if you do participate in the "homework", please do upload them into the gallery and tag me @nicolenowosad so I can see your project!

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