Monday, January 30, 2006

Dog sitting

My lucky parents left this morning for a well deserved 2 week vacation....a couple days in Florida and a cruise to the Caribbean. I get to pet-sit their 17 year old, ornary (sp?), deaf, half blind, scruffy, not in complete control of bladder, dog.

She was a cute dog when she was a puppy, but now....geesh. So, we have to vary our daily routine for a pooch. My parents spoil her rotten...they get up in the middle of the night to let the dog out, give her a slice of cheese at 10pm--sharp everynight, and put a little milk in her dish first thing in the morning. Now, that we have the great pleasure of having Boots here, we get to do the same. Imagine me, every 3 hours or so, letting a deaf, blind dog outside--did I mention she is like 8 lbs. wet... and waiting for her for at least 10 mins. to do her business while 1 kid is calling me from the bathroom shouting, "Mom, I pooped, I pooped!!" and the other one from his crib crying 'cause he wants his morning cereal and milk.

And that was at 9 am this morning. Can you tell what kind of day I have had?!

Anyways, did a little scrapping yesterday. Not super happy with what I came up with, but, they don't all have to be masterpieces, as a fine scrap chicka I know always says!

So, today, I still have to run the errands I said I was going to do...both kids are sleeping now. Noah is still trying to recover from Saturday when we kept him out VERY LATE. Bad parents we are. He had a great time with the kids though.

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