Sunday, January 15, 2006

We did it!

Dirty minds, all of nothing that exciting...the Christmas tree is down! Yippee...finally....whew...a load of my shoulders.

Went to the Kitchen and bath a few ideas to fix up the house cheap to get it ready to sell...we wanna move in a year or two, and don't want to spend a buunch of cash, but the kitchen REALLY needs an overhaul of sorts. So, we found a place that will use your existing cupboards and re-do the doors! Very cool...there are a lot of nice styles, and not so outdated...that being said...need them to come give us a quote. I hav such big plans for the kitchen...I wanna rip down part of a wall, build a bar/island eating area, put in new floor, new countertop and back splash...and of course paint. I LOVE to redecorate almost as much as is another creative outlet I enjoy, and I like to think the end result looks good...

Anyway, nothing else to report here today...just super eyes are tired from all the scrapping I did this weekend...even though I wore my glasses.

Oh, and did I tell you all, that I had another convert to the dark side? My scrap buddy Nola bought her first fishing tackle box for her stash yesterday...*sob*...touching moment...I have several converts now...! LOL!

Have a great work week everyone else---well, except me and Jacquie! LOL!
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