Monday, July 10, 2006

Two days in a row

Shocker, I know!

So, scrapped a little last night. Not my greatest work, but I got to it. Can't wait for a great creative day to hit me. When it comes, it comes! Must be all this work crap I have been dealing with lately.

Getting lots of packing done, ran out of paper, so get a break for a couple days till we can get some more from my parent's and the flyers!

Decided to get the movers, for the furniture at least. We are gonna get a U-haul for the boxes and we are gonna do that ourselves over the weekend and then have the movers come on the Monday with the furniture. Worked out to be pretty cheap--and we only have a few things to long as we organize it right, it could only be a couple hundred bucks. Not too bad. My sister is paying $1100 for her movers next week. Ouch.

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