Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I dare ya...

So, admit it - I read a lot of blogs... and I don't comment. In fact, it is quite rare that I do leave a comment. Life gets so busy, I just read, become inspired, or browse in my google reader and run onto the next blog.

I need to stop that.

People write in blogs for a reason right? Sure they do.. they want you to read it.and comment.

Be honest - those of you who are reading this, who do blog know how it feels when someone comments on your blog. It doesn't even have to be someone you know. In fact, it feels pretty damn good, when someone you don't know leaves you a little bit of love :)

So, I am taking a stand now - I am going to give it my all to comment when I read. It may not be a chapter of a book.. but just a note to the blogger to say - hey, I was here and you are awesome.

What's the worst that can happen -someone's day might be just that much brighter?

Oh, and I will officially follow a lot of those blogs out there that I read or discover along the way. Again, you know it is awesome when your followers go up :)

Who's with me? Start now.. drop me a line and say HI!

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