Saturday, May 02, 2015

NSD at Hip Kit Club!!

We are celebrating National Scrapbooking Day all weekend over at Hip Kits that is themed around design. I am kicking off my time slot with a challenge all about using straight lines

I found this on Wikipedia about using Straight Lines as a design principle that I found was interesting

Straight lines are called linear when used in a piece of art work. Straight lines add affection and can make it look more detailed and challenging. Horizontal, vertical, and angled lines often contribute to creating different moods of a picture.

The angle and the relationship to the size of the frame both work to determine the influence the line has on the image. They are also strongly influenced by tone, color, and repetition in relation to the rest of the photograph. Horizontal lines, commonly found in landscape photography, can give the impression of calm, tranquility, and space.

An image filled with strong vertical lines tends to have the impression of height, and grandeur. Tightly angled convergent lines give a dynamic, lively, and active effect to the image whereas strongly angled, almost diagonal lines generally produce tension in the image.

I took the challenge of straight lines quite literally and used simple straight lines on my page - with the intention of directing the eye to the photos by using the paper in strips. It really is a simple example, but you could go in so many directions with this one!

I created a process video for this page, please take a look and see how it all came together.

Enjoy your crafty day!! I will be back later with another project :)

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