Thursday, February 20, 2014

Q & A time

Something different for the blog today - I often get a few emails with questions on how I did something on a project or how to use the cut file freebies I post.

I thought for a change today, I would answer a couple of questions about the freebies!

Let's get started!

"What format are the freebie cut files?"

All the freebies I make are in .studio format and are for use in Silhouette software. I know there is a demand for .svg files and I am working on that, thanks to a reader who sent along some info. Basically, I just need a little time :) Once I figure it out, I will convert all my freebies to .svg and upload here. Please be patient with me!

"How do I download the cut files and use them?"

Quite simply, you click on the link for the freebie that you are interested in. This will save it to your computer - for me, it goes to my "downloads" folder, but it all depends on how you have set up your computer to download. Once it is in that folder on your computer, it needs to be saved into your Silhouette.

You can do that my opening up your Silhouette software program. Click the folder on the top left corner or choose File, Open and locate the file on your computer. It is now in your Silhouette and can be used - but it is not saved there!

To save it in your software, simply chose File, Save to Library and a box will pop up asking you to name it,etc. From there, it is now on your system :) It will show up anytime you open the program.

"How do I remove items from the download that I do not want?"

Each of the downloads is 'grouped' together. For example, there may be a word mixed with a shape. All you have to do is right click the image and select "ungroup". Depending on the shape, this might take a few "ungroupings" as there may be a design element inside. (ie. polka dots on the camera freebie for example)

"Do you have a list that I can reference to get all your freebies?"

Yes, there is a link at the top of my blog - but here it is too CLICK HERE

About the brush script font:

"Love the font! Thank you! Don't have a Cameo yet. Is there any way to download it as a true type font to use in photoshop?"

Unfortunately no - but you can search brush script fonts at - there are lots of great ones there that are similar!

"How do I use this font? I see that all the letters are joined and I am not sure how to create my word?"

This is not a "font" in the normal sense. It is more of a "shape" of a font. Once you have this loaded into your Silhouette program, you ungroup the file. I recommend you open a 2nd page and use that to "build" your word. Right click on the letter that you want on your page and then "copy" it to the 2nd page by right clicking on the 2nd page and "pasting". Continue doing so until you have all the letters you need. Line them up as you like and then "weld" them together to create the word(s) you are looking for. At that point, I would resize them, etc. if that is what you are looking to do.

It sounds complicated,but really - it is simple once you get the hang of it.

That's it for me today - I am always looking for ideas or inspiration on what people want in these cut files. If you have more questions for me - about anything (not just cut file related) or ideas for freebies... leave me a comment!


Leanne said...

you are just so clever!! :) I am in awe every time you share one of these amazing files. Thanks for the Q&A..x

SiskiyouSue said...

Great tutorial, thanks for the info.

Torrie said...

Thanks for sharing your files!